Amphenol RF High Speed Data (HSD) Cable Assemblies

Author : Amphenol Published Time : 2019-07-22
Amphenol RF High-Speed Data (HSD) Cable Assemblies are a 100Ω connecting system for differential and digital data transmission. These cable assemblies feature up to 1.6GBPS data rate and optimized EMI-shielding according to the CISPR25 standard. The HSD cable assemblies incorporate a female contact that employs a closed entry to prevent mismatching and stubbing. Typical applications include infotainment modules, headend units, cluster displays, and consumer ports.


Single solution for digital transmission standardsFemale contact employs a close entry to prevent mismatching and stubbingOptimized EMI-shielding according to CISPR25 standard


100Ω impedanceDC to 2GHz frequency range0.1dB insertion loss (maximum from DC to 2GHz)


Infotainment modulesHeadend units
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